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Our Philosophy

AIHM is committed to provide an exclusive learning experience, AIHM is giving a new meaning to Hospitality Education to individuals seeking careers in the international hospitality sector. AIHM aim to bring parity between Practical and Theoretical knowledge and create perfect Professionals for this sector.


To be a premium Hospitality management college, catering to the top most organizations in country & abroad, to create high level professionals in the contemporary job market.


Creating competitive advantage by understanding the industry and bringing the right combination of products and services expertise to fulfill the requirement.


  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Passion
  • Speed
  • Victory

Prepare Successful Careers

The proof of the success of our mission is the employability of our students. The Leadership Programme provides students with the necessary social skills which are so important to Succeed in the hospitality business and in any service industry. These transferable skills, Such as teamwork, respect, effective communication, problem solving etc. are essential for Any future manager/manageress.

From the desk of President

We are proud of our achievements with students who, while in the country, have access to the best Hospitality training facilities in India. Every year we attract a number of son and daughters of hoteliers from all over the country. That has to say something for the recognitions of AIHM enjoys within the industry.

We started AIHM before few years with an aim to wipe out the problem of un-employment forever. Because always hospitality industry require a huge technically qualified manpower to fulfill the needs.

We are different from others in the field of hospitality management education because we know the different criterias of hotel industry, and according to that we take utmost care in grooming and inculcating in them the values to match the present and future requirement of the industry. So that they can get job very easily.

From the desk of Director

Choosing which institute to go to and course to pursue is one of the most important decisions you, as a student would ever make in your life. As you make this crucial decision, I encourage you to think wisely about where your interests lie, weigh your aptitude against your prospective field of study and thus make intelligent decisions about your future.

At this juncture of your life, we shall help you in realizing your potential and directing it towards a socially useful track. With this direction soundly steered to, we belive that we can accomplish the daunting task of "Transforming Education, Transforming India". Our programmes are specially designed to include work-based activity wherever possible.

We provide a wide range of professional programmes that are relevant. programmes with professional accreditation that give you the skills and knowledge to substantially increase your career prospects.

F. Akhter

From the desk of Secretary

In today's rapidly changing business environment, hospitality management has come up as a fast growth career for young men and women wh possess a pleasant personality. The capacity for hard work and flair for creativity.

Emerging trends for the growth of tourism and expansion of the accommodation sector has necessitated a substantial increase in the additional requirment of trained manpower. If you have a natural gift of meeting people with a sense and spirit creative hospitality, a healthy dignity of labor, capacity and stamina to remain cool in ticklish situations.

Hotelier offers you a very fast-track career. It is the right place for the people who like people. A career in hospitality management offers glamour, excitement, challange a fast-track growth and elevated life style. It is in fact a unique and specialized discipline as engineering, finance, medical, MBA and/or civil services.

Reasons to Choose Us

Hospitality education leads to world of employment.
Options of 50% study in India and 50% in Foreign.
Opportunity for work in star Hotels in India and Abroad.
Foreign Internship Opportunity For CBSC & ISC candidates.
Foreign job opportunity for those candidates completed Foreign Internship.
Unique Opportunity to earn Stipend During Job Training
Free food and hostel for limited students.
Free Study materials and dress for limited students.
100% Job guaranteed written in Court Stamp paper for every student.

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